Perpetually Injured: 2006-2009

June 2, 2009

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about injury over the last few months as I have been recovering from my various ailments.  As I was going through photos on my computer I found a few that provide a nice time line for some of the various injuries I’ve had over the last three years.  None have been extremely serious, but all have caused disruptions in the momentum of my training and climbing.  It is frustrating to start feeling good again and then be out of the game for a couple of weeks or months due to an injury that quite possibly could have been avoided.

February ’06- Frostbite due to unplanned bivy


April ’06- Sprained neck due to avalanche


January ’07-  Bursitis in my knee from slamming it directly into ice after falling off a bolted M-climb.

May ’07-  Frostbite pretty much all fingertips

January ’08-  Hyper-extended elbow from fall bouldering in the gym

May ’08- Sliced the pad off my right index finger three days into a three week climbing trip to Yosemite.  Left wrist starts to hurt for some unknown reason.

April ’09- After almost a year have surgery on said wrist.

May ’09- Fall down walking downhill in the Gorge and slice open hand on a sharp rock


I am back on the road to recovery and determined to climb, train and walk smarter.  Perhaps  if I can stay healthy for a while I can acheive some of the goals I have set for myself.  Last weekend I had an excellent trip to the North Cascades with a new climbing partner, it was a great and motivating way to start out the season!


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