Random Thoughts on Business and Doing Things that are Worth it.

March 4, 2014

The problems, headaches, and pain that are sometimes (often) part of running a business will still be there tomorrow. However, the perfect ice conditions, or the feet of new snow on the mountain may not.

That being said, chances are you will almost never get to participate in your chosen avocation ever again because all of your time, money and mental energy is going into making your business successful. Maybe this changes? I don’t know I’m still in this phase almost four years on. 
People are awesome and they will help you. Just ask. 
There will always be assholes and haters, but they are the exception and not worth your time to think about or engage.
Dogs are cheaper than therapy.
Not everyone is going to like what you do/make/sell and that is totally ok.
The world is a huge place and there are (most likely) people in other countries that are interested in buying what you are selling. Export.
Do credit checks on your customer. Sales are great but if you have to spend a bunch of time trying to collect, wave your margin goodbye. Slow paying customers will seriously mess your shit up.
Ideas are great, but they are worth nothing without action and implementation. If ideas alone were worth anything we’d all be bazillionaires.   
So if you have an idea whether it be for a business, project, career change, whatever, just get started already. No one is going to hold your hand and do it for you. Anything worth doing is hard, scary, frustrating, time consuming, terrifying, and almost certainly contains moments of high stress. It may also: contain periods of boredom, cause you to question your sanity and may at some point even kill you.
All that being said, if the alternative is to never pursue anything meaningful I think the consequences of that are much more dire.   

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