Obama MUST Implement the Climbing Resource Assistance Program

January 20, 2009

While nearly a trillion dollars will soon be unleashed into the American economy in the form of a wide ranging stimulus package, thus far none of this money has been allocated to the climbers of the United States and this is an outrage.  Therefore I propose the Climbing Resource Assistance Program.  The program’s main goals will be to:

  • Employ as many as 50,000 young men and women as government climbers
  • Develop a corp of world class American climbers
  • Repair and build trails and structures
  • Replace dangerous fixed equipment on climbs nationwide
  • Stimulate the outdoor industry
  • Appoint a Climbing Czar to oversee the program

The core of the CRAP is the mission of job creation.  By creating 50,000 new jobs CRAP will provide young people with an opportunity to work to better America while pursuing their passion.  Climbers employed by the program will be expected to climb a minimum of three days a week, while devoting three days a week to environmental projects such as: trail building, habitat restoration and trash cleanup.  Most importantly the program will keep potentially revolution prone young men and women off the streets and busy working towards a better America.

Climbing areas across America  are littered with rusty bolts and manky fixed pins.  These ticking time bombs represent a grave threat to the climbers of the United States and need to be replaced.  Together CRAP climbers will do their best to eradicate the looming menace of failed fixed gear.

The struggling outdoor industry will also benefit from the CRAP, as more climbers require more gear to go about their jobs.  Saving jobs is our priority and by keeping the outdoor industry alive we are preserving an important part of the private sector.  The used van market will also see a boom as newly employed government climbers will need places to live.

There are a number of details yet to be worked out.  The Climbing Czar will have the serious task of shaping the CRAP into a viable program, so their appointment must be considered carefully.  The appointment of the Climbing Czar will show that this administration takes the CRAP seriously and is willing to work on development of this innovative plan.

What is good for American climbers is good for America.  Passing the CRAP will allow American climbing to retake its rightful place on the world stage by nurturing the next generation of  climbers and preserving our climbing areas for decades to come.  With a proposed budget of merely $100 million, I expect that Obama will see what a deal this program is and implement it in time for the spring Yosemite season.

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